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Bryan’s journey into the mortgage industry began back in August of 1991.   His primary goal is to take a complex, stressful and confusing process and make it fun by simplifying, taking items off client’s plate and instilling confidence that he and his team “Got This” to remove the stress of buying a home.  His background in underwriting and loan origination has helped Bryan anticipate potential roadblocks and challenges that might arise along the way.  His hope to have clients for life has come true over the years, financing multiple homes for families and now doing loans for the kids of his clients.   Bryan has a passion and desire to do the right thing for the client and exceed expectations as documented through client reviews found online and his reputation with realtors, title companies and real estate attorneys in the market.  Bryans been married to Erin since 1997, and they have three children, Caden, Meghan, and Branden, who occupy his time when he is not working.

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Bryan Reed

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